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3 Quarter Financial Results 2015 EUROBANK CYPRUS LTD

Continuous profitability

Profit after tax EURO 28.4 mln. -Sustainability of strong financial indicators

In the first quarter of 2015 Eurobank Cyprus Ltd maintained:

•Continued profitability totaling EURO 28.4 mln. after tax.

•Robust recurring income from banking operations. Net interest income during the third quarter of 2015 amounted to EURO 50.3 mln. Additionally, net commission income from ordinary banking operations amounted to EURO 12.4 mln. compared to EURO 7.7 mln. for the third quarter of 2014, recording an increase of 60% and reflecting, inter alia, the leading presence of the Bank in the areas of Wealth Management and Treasury.

•Strong Capital Adequacy Ratio of 27.7% and a common equity tier ratio (CET1) of 24.2%.

•Strong excess liquidity, with deposits reaching EURO 2.900 mln. and loan to deposit ratio (excluding loans secured by deposits) of 33%.

•Low Non-Performing Loans indicator (NPE ratio on the basis of the new Directives of the European Banking Authority, EBA) standing at 6.7% as at 30 September 2015.

•Low operational cost base was sustained, with the Cost to Income ratio at 28%.
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