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EUROBANK CYPRUS has signed, in a ceremony on 1st July 2015, a €20 million unsecured trade facility agreement with EBRD (The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) under the EBRD’s Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP). EUROBANK CYPRUS will become the first issuing bank under the programme in Cyprus. This agreement is translated to a vote of confidence both for EUROBANK CYPRUS and the Cyprus economy.

Through the facility the EBRD will issue guarantees in favor of international commercial banks covering the payment risk of the transactions undertaken by EUROBANK CYPRUS. In addition, EUROBANK CYPRUS will also benefit from the EBRD’s award-winning technical cooperation projects in trade finance.

This facility will enable EUROBANK CYPRUS to assist its clients operationally and in a cost efficient manner to promote their export/import businesses. At the same time, it is a vote of confidence for the Cyprus economy and EUROBANK CYPRUS from a major very well-respected international organization.

EUROBANK CYPRUS is a Cypriot Bank operating in Cyprus under a license from the Central Bank of Cyprus. It operates autonomously, subject to all laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus. Eurobank Cyprus is regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and the SSM (Single Supervisory Mechanism). Since the commencement of its operations in 2007, it is following a successful strategy, allowing it to be in a very strong financial position, with a healthy balance sheet and recurring significant profitability.

EUROBANK CYPRUS maintains a strong capital base, with a capital adequacy ratio exceeding 20%, significantly higher than the minimum regulatory requirements. The Bank’s ability to maintain and even improve further its capital base is assisted by the Bank’s conservative approach towards assuming risks, as proven by the low Non-Performing Loans ratio (NPL ratio) which stands at around 7%, one of the lowest in the Cyprus market.

EUROBANK CYPRUS maintains significant liquidity buffers, which safeguard the Bank’s ability to withstand any liquidity stress scenario without the assistance of emergency tools through the Central Bank of Cyprus or the European Central Bank.

EUROBANK CYPRUS does not maintain any exposure with any Bank in Greece.

EUROBANK CYPRUS does not maintain any exposure to Greek Government Bonds.

EUROBANK CYPRUS is a subsidiary of Eurobank Group, with more than 65% of its shareholders being international institutional investors including Fairfax Financial Holdings, Wilbur Ross, Brookfields Financial Holdings, Highfields Investments, Fidelity etc.
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