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Important Security Guidelines
You may have read in the press certain articles concerning recent cases of internet fraud, targeting customer credentials or personal data. The methods used in these types of fraud can present themselves in the following forms:

Personal e-mails, where the sender falsely appears to be your bank, asking you to verify various...
Whats new
Dear Customers,

Our ebanking system has been enhanced with new functionality, in order to offer you improved services and manage your accounts more effectively !

Below is a brief description of the new functionality:

•View your swift copy via the Customer Tools/Transaction Statement,

•View cheque images via the Customer Tools/Transaction Statement,

•View vouchers for your web transactions via Customer Tools/Transaction Statement and Customer Tools/Online Transaction Status,

•Attach supporting documentation for your web transactions (upload documents on the payment page). The attached documents will be delivered to your responsible branch email address.

•View your e-statements, via the option Information/e-statement,

•Copy and Re-execute an already processed transaction via Customer Tools/Online Transaction Status
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