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In a particularly difficult financial environment, Eurobank Cyprus accomplished, for the year 2013, to maintain:

• Recurring profitability at satisfactory levels during 2013, which stood at € 35m after taxes.

• Strong Capital Adequacy Ratio at 45%.

• Low Ratio on Non Performing Loans

• Strong Liquidity.

• Low Operational Cost.

Eurobank Cyprus continues to strengthen its leading presence in the areas of Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Banking, International Business Banking and Global Markets.

Armed with strong capital adequacy which enables the Bank to face any challenge, that the current adverse macroeconomic environment may bring, as well as with its financial robustness, Eurobank Cyprus can and will continue to finance and support the Cyprus economy by supporting viable developmental initiatives.



Total Assets €3.682m

Total Loans €1.743m

Total Deposits €2.471m

Capital & Reserves €608m

Profit After Tax €35m

Capital Adequacy Ratio 45%
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